That Metal Station – “The Asylum’s Basement”


That Metal Station is proud to bring you “The Asylum’s Basement”

This is were the craziest of the crazy are kept, and we are unleashing then on to you and the rest of the world.

The Asylum’s Basement comp is going to bring you to your knees

1. Fever Vein – Screams of the Insane

2. Combat – Out of Control

3. Tribulance – Oblivious

4. Moonscape – Entity, part IV

5. Weltfremd – Styx

6. JP2 – Walk Alone

7. Nightwolf – Halls of Hell

8. Hermits Maze – Cognitive Dissonance


A compilation of underground bands from around the world.

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Bringing you a comp that will shred the ears of any music fan. We have gathered some of our closest friend from around the world for this one.

1. Fever Vein out of New Jersey come at you with the face melting “Screams of the Insane” to let you know the cray people are here and they have taken over!

2. We unleash the Combat with our very own Dr Fukk and he is gonna let you know that this comp is “Out of Control” and that you might not make it out alive.

3. Tribulance  comes out swinging with the “Oblivious” side to bring the pain and break the bones.

4. Moonscape comes into play and lets a little light into the scum covered windows, but this might not be the light of hope, yet the light leading you to the “Entity” of death.

5. Weltfremd brings in “Styx” and throws them at you to break your bones.

6. JP2 comes in the door to try to comfort you and lets you know you “Walk Alone”

7. As you pass the hall you notice Nightwolf in a door as they scream at you walking through the “Halls of Hell”

8. At the end of the hall you see the Hermits Maze and they tell you you are almost at the end, but you have “Cognitive Dissonance” you are crazy and lost in your own mind.

We hope you enjoy this comp, it is the first of what we hope will be many to come. We would like to thank the bands for being a part of this and we ask you to search out the bands and learn more about them and like them on Facebook.

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Ashton Jensen you can find his work here 

we suggest if you need art work done that you contact him.




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