Vengeance Within – “Worship Defiance” (2017)


Vengeance Within – “Worship Defiance” (2017)
Colossal Force Records
Death Metal/Thrash Metal

Grade: 8.5/10.0

Maybe this is just my impression, but I always get stuck trying to define how style is played by some band, this is because the band makes good music. Sometimes it is just a beginning band that has not found their own sound, but this is not the case with Ohio’s band Vengeance Within.

What I can assure you, you are  going to hear some  heavy stuff, like  good Death Metal should be!  There is also the addition of some melodies and structures that goes from Thrash until Black Metal like in “Chalice of Delusion”. If you think that awesome, that is because you haven’t heard the song “Infested” yet.  A very catchy song that could easily be a Hardcore/Punk song turned into a Death Metal song. Imagine Amon Amarth playing “Agnostic Front” in their own way,  so you kind of have the idea of what I’m talking about for this song.


“Worship Defiance” and “Greece Defiled…The Brazen Bull” keep all the heaviness, although give a good space for melodies.  Just as “II Ravens II Wolves” (famous back song on Sare’s Invasion program here on That Metal Station) that is calm, totally instrumental and without guitar distortions.

“Bring Thine Enemy” finishes the album, being one of the most brutal from all others. The production brought a good sound that “Worship Defiance” deserves. Great work that absolutely going to let you infested* by heavy music.


Victor Augusto


*Reference for the great song “Infested”


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