When magic exists, killing an enemy becomes… complicated. Necromancers fiddle, and foil assassins plans. Healers treat the poisoned and cure the disease. Even those pesky druids have gotten into the game of reincarnation. To what ends? To fuel a cycle of revenge and war, again, and again.

Let’s not even fathom how difficult it is to kill a god in such a world. In our world. 

Ah, but you’ve thought of all of this haven’t you? To kill a King. To slay a Dragon. To eliminate a deity and claim their power for your own. The Shadelands can provide these things to you, adventurer, and so much more. 

Warlocks from across the planes have made their pilgrimage to the north, where the veil between worlds runs thin and the hidden ones offer their guidance at a price. Power, wealth, and fame are easy enough to gain elsewhere, but in the great City of Yon’Cath—true secrets await. So we invite you, no matter your background, or how much hate rests in your heart, to join us in the Shadelands. Come see magnificence with your very eyes, and know what a kingdom ruled by Warlocks has brought into your world.

After all, the only way to learn our secrets is to heed our call. Welcome to The Red Opera.

In this campaign setting, we’ve created an extremely metal-themed epic-saga where the players determine the final fate of the Shadelands. A place where the veil between elemental planes runs thin and Patrons can whisper directly with members of all classes, not just Warlocks. Here, the Accursed King sits on a throne, delicately balancing deals with nearly every patron--but his grip on reality is starting to fray. While cities ruled by Wizards, Clerics, and Paladins are common, a war-torn city where Warlocks have sought refuge is rare indeed.

The Red Opera provides storytellers and players a look into this relationship between Warlock and Patron, and opens it up so anyone can wield their power. Using this, explore the hidden agendas of those Patrons who aren’t yet strong enough to be gods, or help young warlocks avoid losing their souls before its too late.

We’ve created The Red Opera in such a way, that it will fit into your existing campaign world; no matter which setting you are running. The 10-act full-length saga is suitable for all tiers of play, including the rare all level 20 game; yet easily scaled down for 1st tier play, too. Most importantly, we’ve truly embraced player agency and thus have given the campaign multiple endings. Because of this, The Red Opera can be run multiple times--with each playthrough feeling truly fresh and unique.

Partnering with DiAmorte, the Heavy Metal Hall of Fame, and The Budapest Scoring Symphonic Orchestra, each of our adventure acts is paired with a track on The Red Opera album. This creates a truly immersive experience by providing multiple mediums of engagement. So, other than your soul, what do you have to lose? Help us turn this project into a reality by backing our Kickstarter and join the cast of the Red Opera.


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