Sacral Rage – “Beyond Celestial Echoes” (2018)

We live in an age where it is easy to access information about new bands, and these bands show some good stuff.  Despite that, I hear many people complain about the lack of innovation in today’s music.  Perhaps we are referring to the mainstream bands and aren’t considering the underground scene.  Or perhaps we get stuck focusing on our local bands and don’t hear the good things from other countries.  Sacral Rage is a good example of what I’m talking about.

From the capital of Greece, this amazing band is not only a Thrash Metal band – of course the rhythmic riffs are totally thrashy – but the song concepts, melodies, and the arrangements go further than simple thrash.  After the first song, an instrumental called “Progenitor”, the song “Eternal Solstice” starts to show what the band aims to do; good riffs combined with extremely high vocal notes make me feel like I am hearing Mr. King Diamond playing Exodus.

The mix of progressive elements is the great differentiator in Sacral Rage.  You can hear it in the excellent track “Suspended Privileges”; the initial riff becomes progressively structured with a heavy sound and the chorus is very remarkable. Not only that, but in the middle of the song, you also hear a few seconds of clean blues and a funky bass.

The guitar solos are another positive, being very technical, they intensify the atmosphere of the music. The album itself feels like the soundtrack of a sci-fi movie – you’ll get this sense in “Necropia” that begins with a thriller-mood intro before turning into one of the heaviest songs on the album. “The Glass”, a fourteen-minute-long song, finishes the album and has many interesting movements that change along its duration.

If you are tired of the Thrash Metal releases that sound the same despite of their good technical material, you should check out “Beyond Celestial Echoes.”   It is a blend of Judas Priest, Annihilator, Mercyful Fate and all the heavy things you know and love.


Victor Augusto

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