Mind Enemies – “Revenge” Review

Mind Enemies – “Revenge” (2017)
Progressive Metal

Grade: 8/10

One thing that i appreciate on solo Projects is the liberty to explore many different possibilities inside the music. In cases like the Italian Mind Enemies, that has only one musician, this freedom could be bigger.

“Revenge” is a mainly progressive metal album with some others elements added along the audition. Giuseppe Caruso did a careful and great work recording all instruments. The percussive drum has a lot of variations bringing some bluesy vibe and not being stuck in that traditional Heavy Metal beats. The guitars are heavy with very well structured solos, sounding interesting together with some clean and calm parts.

Different atmospheres are found along the record. “The Black Warrior” opens the album slowly and it is possible hear some timbres that even reminds Black Metal, although the song flows in a totally different way. As the record become heavier and faster, “Wild Existence” comes as the most furious song.

“My World” with an intro like “Simple Man” from Lynyrd Skynyrd, “The Dark Life” and the title track “Revenge” are all good and long songs that keep all heaviness in a good cadence, offering space for a vocal interpretation more sentimental.

It is a great debut album that offers a nice “navigation” through this infinite ocean called Progressive Metal.

Victor Augusto






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