Jason Aaron Wood – “Emanations” (2017)

Jason Aaron Wood – “Emanations” (2017)

Progressive/Heavy Metal

Grade: 9.0/10.0

One-man band, Jason Aaron Wood, has been releasing new albums almost every two years and “Emanations” is his latest offering. Jason recorded all the instruments on the album, and although his focus is on guitar and vocals, it is still incredible how well he worked all the other parts.
Musically, Jason plays a dark and melodic metal, bringing a different atmosphere than we usually hear on classic / progressive metal.

Jason’s voice has a smooth tone, and balances melodies without losing aggressiveness, giving the songs have a more cadenced rhythm. Jason’s use of an eight-string guitar produced a lot of heaviness, like the initial riffs from “Hero’s Plight” and the vocal interpretation in this song shows how sentimental Jason’s singing can be.

Jason’s guttural vocal tones, like he uses in “Identity,” sound like the dramatization of a fight between good and evil. It is a good contrast to his melodic tones, building on the epic, dark feeling inside the music.


The album takes a little turn in “The 7th Tower”. This is the fastest song and is totally instrumental. Personally, it is my favorite track because of it has heavy base, and killer solos, that still maintains a melodic structure and has transitions to calm. “The Great Pestilence” returns to the dark theme, reminding me of Doom Metal in parts.

Jason crafted a great album and was able to catch the listener’s attention throughout the record. It also has good pacing, the tracks aren’t too long, as progressive albums often are. “Emanations” is a complete album, from the lyrics to the music, and it plays like a soundtrack from an epic battle movie.

Victor Augusto

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