Blood of Serpents “Sulphur Sovereign” 2018

It has been a while since I have been on the hunt for new
music. I was an avid hunter for many years but somehow
got lazy with it. Being a huge black metal fan, I am more
than pleased to have come across the new album “Sulphur
Sovereign” from Sweden’s Blood of Serpents.

This album
has all the elements that has brought me to being a fan of
the genre. The atmospheric elements are just right to me, as
they aren’t over the top with the dramatics with a lot of the
bands that play black metal these days. The guitar riffs are
vicious and will slice you open from end to end with the
sharpness of a surgical steel razor. I am a big fan of the
vocals, which sound like a frozen tortured soul trying to
escape from the icy hell-scape of Niflheim.

The production
isn’t super polished, but it is done quite well and gives this
the album just enough of that old school black metal production
sound without being stereotypical in the “Necro” sound. This
reminds me of fellow Swedes and favorite of mine in
Naglfar, especially their older material with Jens Ryden
(Dead Silent Slumber, Profundi) on vocals. I have been
keeping black metal on the backburner as of late, but
perhaps it’s time to bring it back up front and crank the shit
out of that gruesome hellfire… Especially with albums like
this one being released. I highly recommend this ungodly
work of art in your metal collection.

Written by – John Meyer

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