I have been following this band’s career trajectory with a keen interest for a while now. As a long-time Hard Rock/Heavy Metal enthusiast who also happens to hail from the very same St. Louis Metro East area as the band, I’ve taken a lot of pride seeing this band grow. For my money, Black Fast is the BEST band to emerge from the St. Louis Metal scene since Anacrusis (During the halcyon days of the original Thrash Metal Movement) now, any old-school St. Louis area Metal Head will tell you that is no small-praise.
However, I will even take it a step further, at the risk of coming off as a homer; I think Black Fast is one of the premier bands to emerge from the resurgent New Wave of Thrash Metal Movement that was initiated a little over a decade ago and that includes numerous bad-ass bands that have shown absolutely no signs of slowing down! Simply put, this band is amazing! What sets them apart from a lot of their colleagues is the fact that you can definitely hear the bands influences in their music but they have a distinct sound all their own.

The band formed in 2010 and in that time has released 3 previous discs, a self-titled 3 track EP (2011) as well as Starving Out the Light (2013) independently. In 2015 the band signed with eOne entertainment and released Terms of Surrender and have been touring in support of that album with the likes of Havok, Voivod, Vektor, Goatwhore, Hate Eternal, and the all mighty Crowbar.
This brings us to this latest release: Spectre of Ruin. Succulently put, this album completely kills. There is no other way to say it. Each album is a progression from the previous one and it’s astonishing because I don’t think they have reached their peak yet and quite frankly I hope it takes a long time for them to do so because as a music lover I am in Heavy Metal bliss!

The musicianship in this band is mind-blowing and every member sonically pulls their own weight. The band consists of Aaron Akin on vocals and guitar, which combined with guitarist Trevor Johanson make a killer twin guitar attack with soloing showcasing the perfect balance of melody and technical precision. Amazing riffs within riffs within riffs that are accompanied by the pummeling rhythm section of bass player Ryan Thompson and drummer Ross Burnett obtaining total supremacy!

Another thing I would like to praise is the production on this record provided by Erik Rutan( Lead singer/guitarist of Hate Eternal) and the mastering by Alan Douches. You can hear every instrument in the mix including the bass which sometimes gets lost during the production of Thrash metal albums.

There literally isn’t a subpar or filler track on this entire album. They completely dominate it track after track with unrelenting power and ferocity!  If you love Thrash Metal, especially on the technical progressive side with Black Metal tinged vocals then prepare to get your ass kicked because these guys bring it! I have to say it’s albums like this being produced by bands like Black Fast that make me hopeful and optimistic about the future of Metal.  So do yourself a favor and click on the links at the bottom of this article! Buy this Thrashtastic album! In fact, buy their whole discography! You will thank me later! I give Black Fast – Spectre of Ruin 6 out of 6 Devil Horns.

DJ Metal Mike

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