Writer’s Note: My name is Bill Roseberry, better known as Billdo to listeners, a recurring cohost on the Metal Mike Show. I’m a 42-year-old professional journalist in southern Illinois, right outside of St. Louis, Mo. and two of my passions besides writing are music and craft beer. My love of music can date back to my dad playing Queen, Beatles and Rolling Stones albums when I could barely walk and me dancing to the beat. I still vividly remember buying my Van Halen “1984” cassette tape with my allowance when it released and wearing it out. My love of music has grown exponentially since then. My love for creative and unique brews came much later, but hopefully, this column shows me as an aficionado for both — this is beer & metal.

For the second edition of Beer & Metal, I’m getting a little funky and odd for my beer selection, so I needed something weird to tune my ears with my tastebuds.

When it comes to weird and unique in the world of music, nothing fits that moniker more than Primus. What is Primus? Are they metal? Are they alternative rock? Frankly, they’re just Primus; their own genre and entity.

In the world of Primus and Les Claypool the bass makes sounds that you have trouble comprehending, but you can’t deny the genius of it. It’s funky, it’s raw and guttural, it’s heavy and it’s unique as hell.

Unique as hell can also be used to describe my choice for beer in this installment — Nuttercup by Brew Link Brewing out of Plainfield, Ind. It’s a chocolate peanut butter porter and it won’t disappoint.

It pours thick and black but goes down smooth and thin. It doesn’t make you feel like you need to cut through it with a knife. I’d call it a medium-bodied beer. The chocolate flavor smacks your palate right out of the gates with the peanut butter creeping up on you slowly and magically like one of Claypool’s delectable bass riffs.

My song of choice to listen to for this beer is “Here Come the Bastards” off of Primus’ second studio album — “Sailing the Seas of Cheese” — released in 1991.

It’s listed as the second track on the album behind the 42-second opener, “Seas of Cheese”. The bass comes in slow and progressively picks up in a type of rhythmic marching tune and is quickly joined in harmony by the quality drumming of Tim “Herb” Alexander and heavy guitar work of Larry “Ler” LaLonde to create an anthem-like ditty for the band.

Maybe what makes me think of this song with this beer is the design of the can as much as the quirky taste. On the side of the can is a peanut featured broken in half with bulged-out eyes and a tongue hanging out of its mouth. The peanut is also wearing a top hat, much like one you would see on Claypool.

Next to the dead peanut on the can is a statement that reads, “Peanuts died to make this beer awesome.” Now, what’s more metal than that?

On the other side of the can is a longer description of the beer reading, “If you’re reading this then you probably are not a peanut. That’s because we drowned them all to make this well balanced, full-bodied and sweet chocolate peanut butter porter. Need we say more? Oh, if you area peanut reading this, we suggest you run.”

I can just visualize a line of peanuts marching to their death at the brewery all in rhythm to “Here Come the Bastards” playing in the background. I could see a claymation 90s Primus video to go along with it. It’s perfect.

I can hear Claypool’s twangy/hipster voice spouting off something weird like, “Many tears were wept the day the peanuts died.”

You’ll find yourself drinking in unison with the bass beat as you try this beer and here the soft chanting of “Here they come” by Claypool on vocals.

At only 6.5 percent alcohol by volume it’s not a porter that will knock you on your ass and it’s smooth enough to enjoy several of them at a time. It’s kind of an ode to a Reese’s peanut butter cup, with hints of hazelnut and vanilla along for the ride.

The unfortunate thing is this pristine beer comes from a small town brewery right outside of Indianapolis and doesn’t have a big range of distribution. You’re going to have to go to the central part of Indiana to try it, but you can check out to learn more about this awesome place.

Make sure to check out some of their other options and the artwork provided on the cans. Beers like the Just One Smore, My Eagle is Pissed Oktoberfest and You Cereal highlight a line of quirky and fun options.

Experimental, weird, unique and awesome can be used to describe Brew Link and its delicious Nuttercup peanut butter porter. Those are the same words I’d use to describe the genius of Primus.

They go together like… well… chocolate and peanut butter.

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