Writer’s Note: My name is Bill Roseberry, better known as Billdo to listeners, a recurring co-host on the Metal Mike Show. I’m a 42-year-old professional journalist in southern Illinois, right outside of St. Louis, Mo. and two of my passions besides writing are music and craft beer. My love of music can date back to my dad playing Queen, Beatles and Rolling Stones albums when I could barely walk and me dancing to the beat. I still vividly remember buying my Van Halen “1984” cassette tape with my allowance when it released and wearing it out. My love of music has grown exponentially since then. My love for creative and unique brews came much later, but hopefully, this column shows me as an aficionado for both — this is beer & metal.

This is the first edition of what I hope to make a monthly column here at

As my first I wanted to charge out of the gates strong, so I picked this signature beer from my favorite brewery and paired it with what I believe is one of the most iconic metal songs of my formidable teenage years.

I wanted a song that would capture the essence of 4 Hands Brewery in St. Louis and what better way to promote a dominant brew like City Wide American Pale Ale than with Pantera’s “Domination.”

The clean, heavy and in-your-face guitar mastery from legendary Pantera guitarist “Dimebag” Darrell Abbott from the sixth track of the 1990 release by the band is what I think of when I think of 4 Hands.

Dime’s guitar punches you in the gut right when the song begins just like the hops from City Wide APA.

Keep drinking the beer and the refreshing hops will linger with you and get better as they resonate on your palate, just like the pristine guitar work of Abbott. I’ve always said if you look up heavy metal riff in the dictionary it will say — see “Domination” by Pantera.

If this epic riff doesn’t fire you up, then throw in the fast paced, rugged drumming from Vinnie Paul, the heavy bass of Rex Brown and the aggressive vocals of Phil Anselmo and you’ve got an instant classic.

If you really want to capture the absolute power of this classic song, google “Domination Live in Moscow ‘91.” The energy of the band and the song will rest my case.

As for City Wide APA, it’s 4 Hands product they’ve released to attempt to dominate the St. Louis market. That’s no small task when you come from the city that produces Bud Light, but in my opinion they’ve done a valiant job; City Wide APA is the far superior beer.

Just like “Domination,” City Wide APA will get you fired up. It’s brewed with centennial, simcoe and citra hops. It’s malty, citrusy and offers a refreshing bitterness. If you like IPAs you will enjoy this beer.

I like it because it’s refreshing but a little aggressive in taste just like the masterful Pantera song. There’s a street-level awesomeness to City Wide APA, just like there is to “Domination.”

It’s got a 5.5 percent ABV, so you can have a few before you start getting too tipsy, but be careful with Pantera blaring in the background, it might help push you over the top quicker.

Unfortunately according to, at this time 4 Hands Brewery is only distributed in Illinois, Missouri and Pennsylvania. City Wide APA is one of six beers that has year round distribution by 4 Hands. They also offer a slew of seasonal brews.

Check out to learn more about what they offer and how to get their awesome stuff.

Order a City Wide APA and slam one while you’re listening to the shredding guitar work on Pantera’s “Domination” — you can’t go wrong.

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