Bands Being Kicked off Tours and Losing Gigs over Content of Lyrics.

You know it is starting  getting out of hand that bands are being accused of being “Nazis”!  Now I can not say what someone is thinking at the time of words being written, but most of these bands are extreme metal bands and the usually are on the same line of thinking., and that line of thinking being “Think for yourself” Most are anti religion or anti government etc etc etc. This does not make them “Nazis” lets go back to the 60’s when bands were singing the phrases of equal rights anti establishment, anti government etc etc etc. those people were considered “Hero’s” and still are to this day. Either that or it is a keyboard Rambo just trying to catch 15 mins of fame and the cost of other peoples lives.

I really  think it is because metal has a truth about it, you get it as it is seen through the eyes of the writer.  Ladies and Gentlemen open your eyes! We live in a bloody world, and we expose it in every facet of our lives, through TV through Games, Movies,  etc etc etc. it is as big or bigger then selling sex! everyday people don’t realize how they thrive off of it. Take a second and ask yourself, when was the last time you stopped and said something nice to someone you did not know, Now when is the last time you said fuck you to a total stranger? Even if it was under your breath counts. We have been breed into violence and there is no excusing that,  but not everyone feels the same way, some would say they said hi to that stranger before saying fuck you. and to me that is metal, saying hi to a stranger and feeling the same emotions as them, seeing a world that is escaping a reality that is no longer there. Beliefs being forgotten and and cultures being destroyed.  Metal is the stories of a person that sees the vision of the truth of the world, The Greed in Religion, The blood spilled in the streets they know as home, the wars that are financed through corporate world of banks and special interest. these are the words of the world around the writer. Another thing about some song writers, they are like Method Actors, sometimes they write the story from what they think the eyes of the victim or assaulter is seeing, just like when a actor takes on the identity of the character  they are playing. Weather it be Santa Clause or Jack the Ripper. the story is told and like any great writer, they paint the picture for us.

These band are only doing what they feel inside and i got to tell you, I have met a lot of bands from a lot of different background culture and styles and i have to say i find that most of the people in these bands are all pretty fucking cool, Just happy they get to go on a tour, yeah it might be in a beater fucking van smelling like death but it is their dream to do this and make it their lives, weather it be Rock, Blues, Hip Hop, even Country. these are dreams of playing in front of people that support them cause they understand them.

You can stereo type anyone in life, that is easy enough, and this is becoming a case of that because 1. most people are not thinking for themselves and have to have some telling them what they should be doing, like calling a club about a band you have no clue about because you seen a Facebook post about them. (Way to think for yourself asshole) Then the club owner gets a few phone calls from 9 out of 10 times people that live no where by there and never will go to said club. Now the club owner is bowing down to the person enforcing them to shut down a band that had not intention in the night except have a few beers play some tunes and laugh with some great folks that came out to see them, but yet the band is the Nazis right?  People spitting on people because of who they think someone is. but yet the band is the Nazis. I have to question weather or not it is the fact people are enjoying themselves and other people are so angry at life they want to destroy others. Look I am not hear to speak for the bands, I am here as a fan of metal bands that throw down to let me have a good time with my friends. Now I believe you have the 1st amendment right just as anyone does, and I can accept ones opinion on a subject if they know about the subject. Most go off of memes and fake news, and that goes for both sides of the field.

The newest band to be hit with this is Prezir from Milwaukee, Wi that has been around since 2016. The word Prezir is a Serbian word that means contempt. They are thusly named this because of the goal of the band, and the music that they write is to create acrimonious heavy metal in the vein of our influences, with a mutual disgust for the safety of modern metal. The nature of ideological dogmas and herd like adherence to the fables of superstitious charlatans is anathema to the pursuit of intellect and reason. Bad ideas are best fought with good ideas and truths. Derision of the false is essential to the preservation of philosophy. 

Since we stand behind metal we are here to here their side of this story, because everyone will jump with the negative side first.

Here for you are the defending words of the Singer and song writers  to you the fans.


This is Luka, the vocalist and man responsible for the lyrics and art of Prezir. The  ape release show at Club Garibaldi’s has been canceled due to the constant harassment and slanderous lies repeatedly perpetrated on the staff in regards to Prezir by a group of antifa children. I feel the need to make this statement at this time.

All of the lyrics I’ve written for Prezir are anti-ideologically driven. All of them are firmly based in the disdain for dogmatic propaganda, historical inaccuracy, and the victimization of huge swaths of people perpetrated by those who wield these ideologies, myths, “divine providence”, corrosive fanaticism, and violence to their ends. They are also contextually based on the time period, and events of each story. A religion, or set of held beliefs is NOT the same as a race or culture.

Furthermore, Prezir is against fanaticism of all stripes, from religious extremism to ideological tyranny from both the left and right. The blatantly false and defamatory accusation that we have any ties to white supremacy or Nazis whatsoever is not only absolutely ridiculous but very personally and profoundly offensive considering my family’s history.

As many of you know, I’m from Serbia. Both my paternal and maternal grandfathers spent second world war in Nazi Germany’s prisoner of war camps. My grandmother’s first husband (my aunt’s father), her father, and cousins were all rounded up in front of her by their neighbors who were members of the Ustasha, a Croatian fascist political movement allied with Nazi Germany, taken to the local Serbian Orthodox church, and slaughtered like cattle. My great grandmother (from my grandfather’s side), along with his sister, were raped, locked in their house and burned alive after the Ustashas cut off their breasts. The lack of historical context and purposeful ignorance in these slanderous accusations by this group of radicals is breathtaking and calculatedly incendiary. I am honestly disgusted.

Further still, Prezir is a Serbian word that translates to contempt. Our logo is that of the Slavic two headed eagle. It’s been used by many cultures for millennium, from the Hittites to the Romans and Byzantines. It is to this day widely used by many Slavic peoples. All but one of the members of this band are predominantly Slavic. To me, it was an obvious choice. This symbol both historically and in its contemporary renditions has no, nor has ever had any links to Nazis. This again is a blatantly ignorant and purposefully crafted lie.

This event was originally scheduled for August 11th at the Cactus Club upon the behest of club management. Prezir played two successful shows there in the past, and the individual was impressed enough to repeatedly ask me to set up our album release there. A week after it was set, I got a message stating that because of anonymous emails, calls, etc. our material was now no longer suitable for this venue. We were told that if we wanted to book at Club G, they would simply say that they double booked. To my knowledge, that is how things transpired. Instead of raising a stink, and drawing more attention to this slanderous nonsense, we chose to do just that.

Shortly there after, we secured the date for the following weekend, August 18th at Club Garibaldi’s. This was months ago. Since, there have been no issues, or so I thought. This last Friday, some of these individuals started posting inflammatory accusations on the event page. Simultaneously the venue has been receiving anonymous phone calls, emails, messages, and reviews about how they’re hosting a white power band and that essentially this show is going to be a national socialist meeting! They were also threatened with protest. These will be posted below. The staff, understandably so, did not feel comfortable working in such an environment. As of yesterday, the venue said they could no longer host it.

This last Friday night August 11th there was a show held at Quarters in River West. My drummer and his girlfriend were in attendance. After some bands played, he was verbally accosted by members of Bongwraith and some of their fans calling him a Nazi and fascist for being in Prezir. As they were leaving, someone spit on her. This is absolutely unacceptable and immoral behavior. I am besides myself that this is what Milwaukee has come to.

Not certain if this is based on any personal vendettas, or if it is just radical antifa ideology run amok and purposely distorting reality in order to defame and slander our band. Regardless, I’ve known many of you in the metal community for many years and hope that you all know me well enough to ignore these lies.

I will not apologize for anything in regards to Prezir’s lyrics, theme and symbolism. In my opinion this material is philosophically, intellectually, historically and morally upstanding. I am very proud of the album that we made.

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