Author: Victor Augusto

We live in an age where it is easy to access information about new bands, and these bands show some good stuff.  Despite that, I hear many people complain about the lack of innovation in today’s music.  Perhaps we are referring to the mainstream bands and aren’t considering the underground scene.  Or perhaps we get […]

Death Metal/Doom Metal Archaic Sound/Redefining Darkness Records Grade: 10,0 After listening to Heavy Metal for many years, I have heard plenty of albums about war or conflicts with a political slant, but this is the first time I have found a concept band like the Ukrainian band 1914, who are totally immersed in themes about […]

Kamala – “Eyes of Creation” (2018) Thrash Metal Grade: 9.5/10.0   When reviewing a band, a good way to describe their music for people who have never listened to them, is to mention famous groups as the band’s influence, or even compare them directly.  Sometimes it is not easy to find the perfect match – especially when a band […]

            Skinned – “Shadow Syndicate” (2018)                                                        Technical Death Metal/Brutal Death Metal Grade: 9.0/10.0   The death metal band Skinned has been on the road […]

Sacro Ordine – “Heavy Metal Thunderpicking” (2018) Sliptrick Records Heavy Metal Grade: 8.5/10.0 Sacro Ordine dei Cavalieri di Parsifal (or just Sacro Ordine) is an Italian band that plays classic Heavy Metal, and displays all of its power in their newest album “Heavy Metal Thunderpicking”. As the album title suggests, the sound has inspiration and […]

Jason Aaron Wood – “Emanations” (2017) Progressive/Heavy Metal Grade: 9.0/10.0 One-man band, Jason Aaron Wood, has been releasing new albums almost every two years and “Emanations” is his latest offering. Jason recorded all the instruments on the album, and although his focus is on guitar and vocals, it is still incredible how well he worked […]

  Vengeance Within – “Worship Defiance” (2017) Colossal Force Records Death Metal/Thrash Metal Grade: 8.5/10.0 Maybe this is just my impression, but I always get stuck trying to define how style is played by some band, this is because the band makes good music. Sometimes it is just a beginning band that has not found […]

Mind Enemies – “Revenge” (2017) Progressive Metal Grade: 8/10 One thing that i appreciate on solo Projects is the liberty to explore many different possibilities inside the music. In cases like the Italian Mind Enemies, that has only one musician, this freedom could be bigger. “Revenge” is a mainly progressive metal album with some others […]

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